Join Aggie Growth Hacks and Greg Martin, certified Profit First banker, in this hands-on, interactive, and entertaining workshop to learn how to uncover the profit in your business and use it for the legacy and lifestyle you always dreamed of…instead of wondering at the end of the year where it went!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • An overview of a proven system that has been used by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs making their companies permanently profitable
  • A deep-dive about 3 specific, actionable steps, that you can immediately implement and start seeing results
  • How to achieve the freedom to implement your strategic goals, have peace of mind knowing that your profit & tax accounts are funded, and any possible resistance you’ll meet with the implementation of the Profit First system

What’s a Hackshop?

What’s a hack shop? Well, it’s like a workshop (or webinar) – except in true Aggie Growth Hack fashion, we boil it down to the 3-5 specific things you need to know about a specific topic to drive your business forward. Think of the 80/20 rule here.

Each month we will tackle new topics with successful entrepreneurs, coaches, and book authors. To see a full list of upcoming Hackshops, click the button below.

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