2021 Hackshops

Below is the full list of 2021 Hackshops. In order to sign up for them, click on the button below for the upcoming hackshop.

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Date Workshop
Febuary 26 @ 10am CST Profit First Hacks
March 19 @ 10am CST Branding Hacks
April 16 @ 10am CST Marketing Hacks
May 21 @ 10am CST Business Selling Hacks
June 18 @ 10am CST Sales Hacks
August 20 @ 10am CST EOS Hacks
September 17 @ 10am CST Hiring Hacks
October 15 @ 10am CST Management Hacks
November 19 @ 10am CST Lean Hacks Round Table

What’s a Hackshop?

What’s a hack shop? Well, it’s like a workshop (or webinar) – except in true Aggie Growth Hack fashion, we boil it down to the 3-5 specific things you need to know about a specific topic to drive your business forward. Think of the 80/20 rule here.

Each month we will tackle new topics with successful entrepreneurs, coaches, and book authors. To see a full list of upcoming Hackshops, click the button below.

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