Howdy Ags! Tim Douglass ‘05 of Fidelis Creative Agency joins to talk about the ever-changing world of branding and how he is catering to his clients with the pandemic at play. Tim and his brother, Mark, brought together a team to help businesses “get a voice and say it loud.” Tim talks about large companies dumping talent, aligning with clients on a mission, and drives the question “why does my business exist?” We appreciate Tim joining us and giving his time, you can listen to his show The Brand Manual to listen to other business owners talk about how they use their brands. Thanks and Gig ‘em! (

Contact: Tim Douglass

1606 Oakview St Suite F, Bryan, TX 77802



Podcasts: N/A

Books: The Snowball System by Mo Bunnell, The Seven Figure Agency Road Map by Josh Nelson


Timestamps & Show Notes: 

0:00 – 1:38 Intro/ Tim Douglass ‘05

1:39 – 2:37 Favorite Aggie Memory (2%’er & Love w/ Bryan,TX) 

2:38 – 5:42 Why Fidelis Creative Agency?

5:43 – 7:08 Helping Businesses w/ FCA

7:09 – 9:30 Surprises from COVID

9:31 – 11:28 Overcoming COVID Challenges

11:29 – 13:30 Not Bringing Back Post-COVID

13:31 – 15:42 Big Changes in the Industry (Throwing Off Talent)

15:43 – 20:52 BHAG – No More Frankenstein

20:53 – 23:13 Lightning Round 

23:14 – 24:39 Aggie Network Support

24:40 – 28:28 Outro – Takeaways (Systems & Trust, Start with Why)