Howdy Ags! Today we are thrilled to be joined by CEO of HelioWave Technologies and triple crown Aggie, Adrian Guzman. Adrian brings us through his journey as an entrepreneur, his impactful and far-reaching goals, and how he balances his several different company roles. We want to thank Adrian for speaking to us today, and we can’t wait to see how he changes the world.

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Contact: Adrian Guzman

@HeliowaveL (twitter)

@heliowavetechnologies (instagram)

Books: N/A


Timestamps & Show Notes: 

(0:00 – 2:50) Intro / Aggie Memory

(2:51 – 8:27) About HelioWave Technologies, BHAG

(8:28 – 11:06) Biggest Challenges and Hacks

(11:07 – 17:40) Balancing the HelioWave Business Model, Speaking with Investors

(17:41 – 20:03) Adrian’s Process for Learning New Skills

(20:04 – 22:00) Favorite Hack, YouTube Rec

(22:01 – 25:33) Aggie Network Shoutout, Contact
(25:34 – 29:58) Final Thoughts / Closing