Howdy Ags! Today we have a very special episode for you! We are joined by Daniel Schrubb, Steve Jimenez, and Erik “Skip” Moratzka, all of whom have served our country, and carried on to develop themselves as successful entrepreneurs. Listen to the full episode to learn more about their businesses, and how these veterans translated the skills they learned in the service into entrepreneurial staples. Stay tuned for part 2, the coming next episode!

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Contact: Daniel Schrubb, Popcorn Friday

@danielschrubb (twitter)


Steve Jimenez, Hives for Heroes


@hivesforheroes (instagram, facebook)


Erik “Skip” Moratzka, Intelligent Nanofiber

(979) 800-4639


Books: N/A


Timestamps & Show Notes: 

(0:00 – 3:09) Intro / Veteran Entrepreneurship

(3:10 – 9:20) About Daniel, Steve, and Skip / Elevator Pitches

(9:21 – 17:20) Translating Skills Learned from the Military to Entrepreneurship

(17:21 – 24:45) Entrepreneurial Skills Learned Outside of the Military

(24:46 – 26:33) Final Thoughts / Outro