Howdy Ags! Today we are joined by President of JK Bernhard Construction, Kevin Bernhard ‘00! Kevin shares how he combats leadership fatigue within his company, his best hacks, and how he has managed to earn TEN Aggie 100 awards. Check out the full episode to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.


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Contact: Kevin Bernhard ‘00

@jkbernhard (facebook)

@jk_bernhard_construction (instagram)


Time Stamps & Show Notes: 

(0:00 – 2:46) Intro / Aggie Memory

(2:47 – 9:10) About JK Bernhard, Accelerating Growth

(9:11 – 13:57) Biggest Challenge & Hack, Leadership Structure

(13:58 – 17:05) Changes Within the Industry, BHAG

(17:06 – 22:12) Lightning Round (Favorite Hack, Best Advice, Superpower)

(22:13 – 26:54) Contact / Outro