Howdy Ags! Today we are thrilled to be joined by Lindsey Herod ‘07 of Lindsey Herod Interiors! In this episode, Lindsey breaks down how she has managed to grow her business fast, especially amidst growing supply chain issues. Check out the full episode to learn more about Lindsey’s business and some of her best hacks!

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Contact: Lindsey Herod ‘07

@lindseyherodinteriors (instagram)


Time Stamps & Show Notes: 

(0:00 – 2:57) Intro / Aggie Memory

(2:58 – 6:23) About Lindsey Herod Interiors

(6:24 – 13:24) Tipping Point / Biggest Challenge

(13:25 – 17:45) Industry Trends / BHAG

(17:46 – 22:52) Lightning Round

(22:53 – 29:30) Contact / Outro