Howdy, Ags! Here is a primer to season five! We are kicking off this season with some changes we came up with and also working hard on telling you a bit of the Aggie Growth Hacks origin story. Thanks for your continued patronage of our show! We have a lot in store for you!


Season Five Upgrade

For the fifth season of the show, Greg and Chris have prepared something for listeners! First up is having double the number of episodes each week. That means more entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneur stories and more insights and inspiration for listeners! Aggie Growth Hacks is going bigger now after four seasons, which their first episode was only recorded on an iPhone. Looking back, Greg and Chris recall memorable interviews with guests who shared their knowledge for listeners to learn from. The show also took the hosts out of their comfort zones doing things such as recording and post-production editing, which are not their field of expertise as Greg is a banker and Chris is a marketer. They prepared a lot of surprises this season, so be sure to tune in to the latest episodes!


Outline of the Episode:

[00:00] Intro

[01:03] More Episodes Weekly

[03:10] Out of the Comfort Zone

[05:49] Entrepreneurial Journey

[09:53] Gratitude for Sponsors

[11:09] Chris’ Elevator Pitch

[17:18] Entrepreneurial Operating System

[20:12] Greg’s Journey

[23:37] Profit First Professional

[26:42] Lightning Round

[35:56] Contact / Outro


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