Howdy, Ags! Today, we are joined by the General Manager of Triple A Air conditioning and Heating, Dustin Neff! In this episode, Dustin shares how self-awareness helped him take the business to the next level and how he plans to move Triple A even more forward. We are excited to hear more about Dustin in the show, so make sure to tune in with us!


Dustin, On Letting Go

When asked about the most pivotal decision he has made in the business, Dustin brought up a point in his career where he had to let go of some things. He had to let go of some hats. Initially, Dustin wore multiple hats as a key person in their family business. He worked in the field, in sales, in inventory, and in pretty much every facet of Triple A. But as Dustin went on, he knew such an approach couldn’t continue. Dustin realized he was working way too much in the business and not on it. After working with a business coach, Dustin made the conscious decision that instead of working in different positions, the company would benefit far better if they hired talents that are better than them and could contribute more skills, time, and expertise.


About Dustin Neff:

Dustin Neff is the General Manager of Triple A Air Conditioning and Heating. He graduated in sports management from Texas A&M University in 2012.



Outline of the Episode:

[00:00] Intro

[03:04] Working in Triple A since the age of 14

[06:53] The goal of becoming a value home service business

[09:49] What propelled Triple A?

[16:11] Dustin’s favorite hack

[18:51] Dustin Neff on the passion for helping

[22:35] Tech has allowed equipment to self-diagnose issues

[24:01] The goal of the system is to prevent breakdowns…

[29:27] Contact / Outro





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