Howdy, Ags! Today, we have the founder and CEO of Rockstar Capital, Robert Martinez ‘96! In this episode, he shares how he grew his company from nothing to what it is now. We thank Robert for sharing his knowledge with us today!


Epiphany Moment – How to Turn a Good Life into a Rockstar Life

As a child, Robert’s parents gave him one piece of advice: go to school and get good grades. Being his first mentors, he followed them and went on to be the first in the family to graduate college. The following advice was from his professors, telling him what employers look for and to save for his 401k. Robert worked for ten years in corporate America. Eventually, he had a moment of epiphany – he did not have control over his financial future; his employer did. That was when Robert decided to turn his life around. He learned about real estate investing and got into a paid mentorship program to learn more. Being a sales guy helped him network with partners and clients alike. Robert hustled hard, and that came into fruition with the establishment of his company. If it had not been for Robert’s realization, he would not have a life that he has complete control over.


About Robert Martinez:

After founding Rockstar Capital in March 2011, Robert has since directed the growth of Rockstar Capital’s managed portfolio to 21 apartment communities with a total of 3,762 rental units. Since 2011, he has directed the underwriting, acquisition, and management of 30 apartment communities consisting of more than 5,243 rental units. On top of running an award-winning business, Robert holds an Engineering Degree from Texas A&M and is the only person to have won the National Apartment Association Independent Rental Owner of the Year twice. Robert shares a passion for soccer with his two boys, Ryan and Conner, and enjoys supporting their daily efforts in local club soccer.



Outline of the Episode:

[00:00] Intro

[03:26] Origin Story

[09:11] Real Estate Investing

[13:31] Loved Part of the Deal

[20:19] BHAG

[20:26] Dynamic ads

[21:57] Lightning Round

[26:58] Interview Takeaways





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