Howdy, Ags! Today, we have the director for business development at Benchly, Haydn Jones ‘17! In this episode, he shares how they leverage technology in the legal industry. We are thrilled to have Haydn on the show!


Law Industry Technology

Documents flood law offices, and without an organization system intact would mean trouble. Luckily, with technology, law firms can have that extra sense of organization for litigation documents. There is a lot of documentation going back and forth between the client and the opposing counsel’s attorney. All kinds of briefs and motions filed to court pile up. With the tools they have at Benchly, Haydn says they can streamline that process for everyone involved. Through that, it would be beneficial for attorneys, their secretaries, and even paralegals, and the overall bottom line is that they positively impact that. What drew Haydn to the legal industry was back in his business class days. Taking law was at the back of Haydn’s mind, but he eventually chose business over it. Seeing the intersection of his passions became a great career move for Haydn, who now enjoys his job at Benchly.


About Haydn Jones:

Sparked by a Business Law course during the pursuit of his Bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University, Haydn Jones’ interest in the legal landscape found a diverse and demanding arena in which the talent pool possesses unique characteristics and practice areas. As Haydn was suddenly at the crossroads to either attend law school or continue on his planned track of diving into the entrepreneurial deep end, the logical next step was to find the intersection of the law and business. Through this search, he stumbled on the bustling vertical that is legal technology and has yet to look back since earning an early position with Benchly, Inc. As one of the few U.S. companies with a comprehensive case law database, Benchly possesses unique capabilities that other legal technology vendors rely on integrations or APIs to accomplish. This distinction has enabled the company to expand to reach all corners and coasts of the United States with further outreach on the horizon. Of course, the journey with Benchly has proved to be a formidable one that has allowed Haydn the opportunity to be immersed in both the legal and business worlds that he once dreamed of in Mosher Hall at Texas A&M.



Outline of the Episode:

[00:00] Intro

[02:37] Software for Attorneys

[07:56] Tipping Point

[11:20] Biggest Challenge

[15:27] Distinctions

[17:13] BHAG

[19:44] Lightning Round

[25:37] Interview Takeaways






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